The luxurious gold cosmetic bag from the autumn/winter limited collection is inspired by the gold details of the Balmain Paris fashion house. The galvanized gold Backstage Session Case holds all the travel essentials for travel. Designed with embossed B logo.

Limited Edition Luxury Gold Bag

The perfect bag for travel and on the go

A favorite among Balmain collectors

The suitcase includes:

- Gold pocket mirror engraved with the Balmain Paris Hair Couture logo and ideal for wearing on the back, plated with 14k gold.

- Thermal Protection Spray 200ml (Thermal Protection Spray) is a light, ultra-fine spray that creates a thermal shield and protects hair from heat up to 220°C, ensuring soft fixation and a shiny finish. Prevents moisture loss and increases shine.

Use: apply to wet or dry hair before combing and comb out.

- The texturizing salt spray 200 ml is based on sea salt. Adds texture and volume. Flexible storage and mounting. Moisture resistant.

How to use: Spray lightly on wet hair at the roots for volume or on dry hair for a firmer texture.

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