L&L Skin – MAMI

The Japanese company L&L Skin presents the highest quality massager – MAMI, for face and neck skin.
MAMI features a unique anti-ageing technology that combines microwave massage, light therapy (LED), ion therapy and warm and cold massages into one ergonomically designed device.
Perfect for massage not only the face but also the neck area.

Microcurrent therapy:
Facial massager MAMI creates micro currents close to biological, which stimulate the natural production of collagen, normalize the activity of sebaceous glands, tone muscles, improve skin firmness and elasticity at the same time as improving the complexion of the skin.
Temperature therapy:
With the help of MAMI, you can perform both warm and cool massages. A warm massage helps to restore a healthy complexion, improves skin regeneration processes, improves the penetration of skin-care products into the deeper layers of the skin. A cool massage promotes skin regeneration processes, reduces inflammation, puffiness, acne and tightens pores.
Ion therapy:
Due to micro pulses and ion therapy, the massager promotes skin regeneration and metabolic processes, reduces skin fatigue, improves overall tissue immunity, removes slag and toxins, improves elasticity and saturates the skin with oxygen.
Phototherapy (LED):
Phototherapy is one of the most modern ways to maintain the youthfulness of the skin. The blue light mode is perfect for problematic skin. It has powerful antibacterial properties in the treatment of acne and inflammation. Red light mode - helps retain moisture in the skin, tightens pores and regulates fat production. Improves blood circulation, rejuvenates, improves firmness and reduces wrinkles.

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