The ultimate comfort for dry skin!
Very dry or weakened mature skin – Paraben free
Specially formulated for mature skin that's very dry and weakened, this Premium cream is rich but non-greasy, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and smoothing and toning the skin. It leaves you with a rejuvenated radiant complexion.
The Shea Butter softens and comforts, while the Centella Asiatica repairs, firms and smooths the skin. The Hyaluronic Acid Duo in the Rexaline Complex is enriched with encapsulated lipopeptides which come with medical-research technology, targeting wrinkles deep down in the skin. A capsule like a homing device containing lipopeptides has receptors so it can go direct to the cells responsible for skin ageing and revive them.
The skin is immediately more supple and comfortable, it is plumper and luminous. In the long term, your skin is nourished, firmer and more toned. Deep wrinkles are reduced. The complexion recovers freshness and radiance.
You'll love the velvety texture that's rich but non-greasy and quickly absorbed by the skin. You'll enjoy the subtle, fleeting scent that doesn't affect your skin's pH.

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