All mature skin types

Enriched with actives specially selected for the eye area, this anti-wrinkle contour product tackles all signs of fatigue in this fragile part of the face.

The Tetrapeptides (decongesting actives) prevent wrinkles forming and elasticity loss, while the Adenosine boosts collagen and elastin production and brightens the complexion.

The Hyaluronic Acid Duo in the Rexaline Complex is enriched with DWK Complex (Deep Wrinkle Killer), the latter is composed of encapsulated lipopeptides which come with medical-research technology, targeting wrinkles deep down in the skin. A capsule like a homing device containing lipopeptides has receptors so it can go direct to the cells responsible for skin ageing and revive them.

The skin is immediately lifted and eye-area imperfections reduce. Over time, wrinkles, dark circles and bags ease to leave your eye area fresh and rejuvenated.

You'll enjoy the light pearly gel texture which melts instantly into the skin. Fragrance-free to prevent allergies.

Clinical tests carried out by independent laboratories.

Instrumental tests on a panel of (1) 30 or (3) 10 women and (2) self-assessment test on a panel of 30 women, conducted by independent AMA laboratories, after (1)(2) 28 days and (3) 2 hours

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