Japanese company L&L Skin introduces the highest quality facial scrub – EMI to maintain perfect facial skin cleanliness

EMI facial cleanser with soft, hygienic silicone bristles that remove small dirt, small skin residue and itching and help get rid of blackheads.
The device has an ergonomic design, curved at an angle of 30 degrees, which allows you to clean all corners of the face even better.
The EMI has three functions
Basic cleaning mode
– Remove dirt, itching and dead skin cells
– Vibration will help you achieve better results
Deep cleaning mode
– Suitable for cleaning the T area of the face
– Gradual speed vibration
– Removes cosmetic residue and plaque
– Helps get rid of acne and blackheads
Massage function (back of the device)
– After cleansing, turn over EMI and enjoy a gentle skin massage that helps improve collagen production
– Relaxes facial muscles, improves skin elasticity

Indisputable results
Using high frequency vibrations (up to 10,000 Hz), EMI gently opens pores and removes all dirt. Effectively cleanses and massages the skin of the face, neck and sensitive areas around the eyes. Eliminates puffiness, restores elasticity, promotes skin firmness and reduces dark circles under the eyes.

Heated brush / massager

The EMI facial cleanser and bristles heat up to 50-55 ° C, making the skin care procedure even more efficient and pleasant. The moving brush head with a 30% bending radius and soft bristles gently cleanses even the most sensitive skin.

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