The 7-day ampoule treatment of the PRECIOUS COLLECTION effectively combats skin aging, for visibly fresh, padded and intensely toned skin.

+ 100% energy
+ 90% volume
-93% wrinkles

Approval values determined based on a self-assessment conducted by 42 women after one week of application of the PRECIOUS COLLECTION Ampoule treatment and REVERSIVE Cream. A healthy and youthful skin starts already in our cells.

The most precious thing in life is health. The 7-day ampoule treatment from Babor Research gives the skin cells what they need.

The powerful combination of high-performance active ingredients in the PRECIOUS COLLECTION gives the skin a vital energy boost, internal plumping and an instant lift to counter the signs of aging. Supplemented by fine fragrances and innovative metallized ampoules, the result is BABOR's most luxurious 7-day ampoule treatment to date.

Step 1: Rose Gold Energy
Boosts vitality and cell renewal with marine polysaccharides and an active ingredient rich in α glucan.

Step 2: Gold Volume
Cushions, hydrates and protects against oxidative stress through Coffea stem cells, duo-hyaluronic acid and polyphenols from the grape.

Step 3: Platinum Lift
Instant lifting and sevenfold protection against skin aging by means of cistus extract and galactomannan.

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