Roller massager for face WellDerma Face Lifting Dark Silver Roller with platinum coating is specially designed for contour massage of the face and décolleté.
The product works on all facial muscles, effectively tightens the oval, helps to smooth wrinkles and has a lifting effect. Relieves puffiness, increases blood flow, thereby improving skin tone.
The massager has a noticeable lifting effect, increases skin firmness and elasticity and is an excellent prevention of aging. It sharpens facial contours and forms a V-line, prevents double chin formation and prevents sagging of the skin.
The product is an innovative rollerball, created according to the latest developments of scientists, it is able to work even the smallest facial muscles. It has an ergonomic shape and a beautiful, modern design. Platinum coated ball rollers are suitable even for sensitive skin.
How to use:
Move the roller along the massage lines of the face, from bottom to top or from the center of the face to the edges of the contour. Recommended for use with face serum.

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